Reed Spring Wire

semi-rigid or annealed


Reed spring wires are used as spacers in the production of weaving combs which are needed for modern weaving machines in textile industries. We manufacture copper-plated weed spring wire with high soldering capacity. For more information about measures and resistance see the following table.

Dimensions 0,10 - 1,50 mm Ø
Scope of delivery coils
spooled coils
Weights coils
spooled coils
max. 15,00 kg
max. 12,00 kg
Surfaces copper-plated
white metal
Strengths semi-hard
650 - 850 N/mm²
400 - 500 N/mm²
Dimensional tolerances < 0,50 mm Ø
> 0,50 mm Ø
± 0,003 mm
± 0,005 mm