Cutting Wire


Manufacturing cutting wire is a complex and elaborate process. Several stages going far beyond simple drawing and rolling are necessary to produce a wire with high edge sharpness and cutting power. Quality assurance has our first priority. We manufacture square, triangular, drilled and round wire suitable for all sorts of purposes and in a vast number of industries. All measures are available in boxes with 65m, in cans for mobile use with a maximum of 200m (refillable) and wooden boxes to be used in workshops with max. 500m (refillable).

Versions square
stranded (Pitthan silber)
cutting thread (pd flex)
Scope of delivery coil in working box
coil in metal box (refillable)
coil in wooden box (refillable)



Both square profile versions are also available in strengths of 2000 - 2200 N/mm². A cutting wire, unsurpassed in edge sharpness and cutting ability. Dimensions up to 1.20 x 1.20 mm possible. Coil lengths 25 m, 50 m, 65 m. Larger lengths on request!

Vierkant Schneidedraht
Versions Dimensions Edge radiusKantenradius Strengths
sharp 0,60 mm x 0,60 mm 40 - 50 µm 2500 - 2700 N/mm²
extra sharp 0,60 mm x 0,60 mm 20 - 30 µm 2500 - 2700 N/mm²


Due to a more acute cutting angle, this wire has a particularly good cutting ability. Larger lengths on request.

Vierkant Schneidedraht
Cutting angle 60°
Side lengths ca. 0,80 mm
Strengths 2600 - 2800 N/mm²
Coil sizes 25 m, 50 m, 65 m


Pitthan silver. Larger lengths on request. Due to the very tightly arranged stranding knots, this wire is particularly suitable for sawing work.

Vierkant Schneidedraht
Surfaces blank
Dimensions 3 x 0,40 mm Ø ( ca. 0,86 mm Ø )
Strengths 2600 - 2800 N/mm²
Coil sizes 25 m, 50 m, 65 m


Catchweight coils up to max. 50 kg depending on wire thickness possible.

Vierkant Schneidedraht
Dimensions 0,20 - 0,60 mm Ø
0,70 - 1,00 mm Ø
1,10 - 1,60 mm Ø
Strengths 2700 - 3000 N/mm²
2500 - 2800 N/mm²
2400 - 2600 N/mm²
Surfaces 1a polished
Coil sizes 25 m, 50 m, 65 m


PD Flex. Due to its excellent physical properties, this thread is particularly suitable for cutting out car windscreens in vehicles of narrow design. Its high wear resistance allows frequent reuse. Other lengths on request!

Dimensions 1,00 mm Ø
Min. breaking load 110 kg
Elongation low
Flexibility very flexible
Usage multiple
Wear extremely low wearing
Scope of delivery on spool
Coil sizes 16 m, 32 m, 50 m, 100 m